"We breathe life into seminars"


Eventinars are seminars that include practical aspects. Designed to connect professionals, eventinars focus on interacting with peers and extending the network. Participants will be inspired to think outside the box and will remember the practical part as a long-lasting experience.

The theoretical part
Expert speakers offer in-depth lectures about a topic relevant to your industry.

The practical part
We open the doors to places that are normally closed.

NETWORKING DINNER: Looking for new connections
Reflect on the day in a relaxing atmosphere with plenty of opportunities to network.

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About Eventinar International

Hello, my name is Birgit Kaiser.  I‘am a passionate organizer of events, seminars and trade show projects. 

My interest in arranging events, already begann during my schooldays – where I organized school festivals with a lot commitment. 

Based on my shipping apprenticeship I was able to get in touch with the exciting world of the transport & logistics industry. During my career, I have organized events, seminars and trade show projects for Team Lines, Rickmers Linie and the ITJ – International Transport Journal at international level.

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